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Announcement Contact! Season 3 Sign-ups Open!

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Dec 15, 2020.

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    Contact! Season 3 Sign-ups Open!


    Contact! Sign-ups open now!

    The Contact! tournament is now officially open for player sign-ups. There will be 3 types of application forms, one for platoons, one for squads, and one for individuals.

    If your platoon leader applies for you, you will be informed via Private Message on the forum about what to do. If you sign up as an individual, the application is processed on the forum in the application thread, the status will be informed there.

    Once you sign up please give the administration a few days to process your application.

    After you fill out an application and it has been accepted you will need to do the following things:
    1. Make sure everyone in the platoon or squad has a user on the PRTA forums.
    2. Come on Teamspeak to get your user groups, these will be given out by the admins and platoon leaders. Just sit AFK and wait.
    3. Join the discord and sign in to the team. Once you sign in, wait to get your Discord perms.

    You will not be able to play unless you join TeamSpeak or Discord.
    The signup forms can be found here:
    If you already agreed with a platoon leader that you will play with them, do not signup!

    Maximum 16 players to signup, will be allowed to pick their own name and logo.
    The user applying will be assigned as a platoon leader.
    You can still signup with less than 16 players, but it needs a minimum of 9 players to apply. You will get assigned more players by administration if you are unable to reach 16 players on your own.
    Maximum 8 players to signup, will either be assigned another squad to form a platoon. Or assigned as reserves for an existing platoon.
    You can still signup with less than 8 players, but it needs a minimum of 2 players to apply.
    May join any platoon, mostly as reserves.
    These are the roles we will be giving out on discord and TeamSpeak:
    Commander: Commander 16x16.png
    Will be given once per battle-cycle, and revoked again after the battle is over. The commander is responsible for the battle-planning.

    Platoon Leader: Platoon Leader 16x16.png
    Assigned to the individuals who have applied. Is responsible for all players in their platoon, both their behavior and activity.
    1 per platoon

    NCO: NCO 16x16.png
    Assists the Platoon Leader in any way they can. Can be designated squad leaders if the need arises.
    Maximum 2 per platoon.

    Grunt: grunt 16x16.png
    Is an active player and expected to show up for all battles.
    Maximum 16 per platoon, although the NCOs and Platoon leaders are included as active players, so it's more close to 13.

    Reserve: Reserve 16x16.png
    Is a reserve and is not required to show up for all battles.
    Maximum 8 per platoon.
    Contact Season 3 Schedule & Information

    Battles will take place every other Saturday at 19:00 PRT(UTC). The first battle will occur at the beginning of January, more info on this comes later.

    Tournament rules can be found here.

    If you see any problems, bugs, or anomalies, please reply to the thread or report it in the PRTA Discord.


    We would like to give a huge thank you to all our technical, media, administrative, and tournament contributors who have worked to release this project!

    Not to name everyone, but you know who you are, a huge thanks again for making this possible.

    See you on the battlefields!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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