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Announcement Contact! Season 3 Announcement!

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Dec 1, 2020.

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    Contact! Season 3 Announcement!


    PRTA Presents: Contact! Season 3

    We are thrilled to announce the return of PRTA's Project Reality tournament Contact!. The aim of this tournament is to provide a competitive, friendly, and enjoyable tournament experience for everyone wanting to join.

    Please note that some of this might change before the first battle, but this is the current plan for how the tournament will work!

    How will it work?

    This time around, things will be different. Players will be sorted into platoons of up to 24 people, which must be able to field 16 players for each battle.These platoons will be assigned to different teams in each battle. We are planning for 10 battles. Battles will occur every other week with the result used to update in-game skill estimates for each participating platoon.

    Each Battle will be fought between 6 platoons, with 3 platoons on each team. Making the total battle size 100 players.


    Changes since the Last Campaign

    There were a lot of changes made to the tournament this time and more in-depth information can be found on the rules page. However, if you are up for a bit of a read, take a gander:

    When will this tournament start?
    We are planning for signups to start in the middle of December, and the first battle at the beginning of January, however, we might run into issues, so please have patience.

    How will Signups work?
    There will be 4 options for signups:

    Platoon signups will permit any player to register a platoon with 16 players they've agreed to sign up with.
    Squad Signups will permit the same but for 8 players, the squad will be merged with another squad or be the reserves for a platoon.
    Armor Crews may sign up with 2 players, and they will be allocated to the platoons to spread the asset skills around as much as possible.
    Individual player sign ups for players who don't mind starting out as a reserve.

    If you are worried you won't get to play with your friends, do not fret. You can use the individual sign up form and inform us of your preferred partners.

    What is a platoon?
    The platoon is a major concept in this tournament. These platoons consist of 16 active players and 8 reserves. Each platoon fights for their own score, but to gain points they have to win battles.
    Whoever signs up their platoon, can pick any players they want for the 16 slots, but the remaining 8 will be allocated by the tournament administration. Platoons will not be forced to play in a homogeneous manner, rather the commanders can pick and choose how to allocate the players any way they want.

    What about commanders?
    Commanders will be picked based on an internal vote or nomination system in the team's discord channels. If a team is unable to pick a commander by the first Thursday in a battle cycle, they will forfeit and lose the battle.

    If only 1 player volunteers for commanding, there will obviously not be a vote. The commander will be responsible for making the battle plan and commanding the battle.

    How do I win?
    The winning team for each battle will be decided solely based on tickets, with a draw declared if both teams end up with less than 10% of their starting tickets.
    Over the course of the entire tournament, we will be tracking the relative in-game skill of each platoon and the overall winner of the tournament will be the unit with the highest estimated skill. Medals will also be available for a variety of in-game achievements...

    Where will the tournament be organized?
    The Tournament will primarily be managed on discord, with information and signups being made available on the forum. Each battle will require TeamSpeak to arrange battle preparation.

    Each Platoon will receive their own discord channels which will help manage activity and general communication between battles. If you do not want to download discord you do not need to and can use it in your browser and have the same functionality as someone with the app, you can find that here.

    The battle planning will also take place on discord, with each team getting their own unique channels for each battle. The channels become archived for posterity after they have served their purpose.

    Will there be custom maps like last time?
    We will be using normal Project Reality maps, which the commanders choose at the beginning of each battle cycle. The selection of maps will be based on a selection and elimination system where each commander takes turns to eliminate and pick maps until a map and layer is selected.

    How are Platoons going to be different from other platoons?
    Each platoon will signup with their own unique name and logo. We will take the logo and remake it in the Tournaments style image, so all the signatures and logos look similar. Platoon names and logos must be approved by the tournament administration. It will look roughly like this:

    signature v1.png

    Platoon Logo:

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the PRTA discord, or in this thread.


    We would like to give a huge thank you to all our technical, media, administrative, and tournament contributors who have worked to release this project!

    A huge thanks again for making this possible.

    See you in the battles!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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