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Discord rules

Discord Rules

All users are expected to abide by Discord's TOS and Guidelines found at: https://discordapp.com/terms & https://discordapp.com/guidelines

  1. General Discord Rules
    1. Flaming, excessive profanity, abuse, personal attacks and any behavior deemed insulting or deragotory is prohibited.
    2. Blatant racism and any similar references will not be tolerated.
    3. Users should be aware that this discord is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornography, gore, NSFW, and NSFL content in any of the channels is strictly prohibited
    4. The use or reference to nationalist socialist symbols and Nazi ideology will not be tolerated. Any related comments will be removed and the offender punished.
    5. Antisemitism and any antisemitic comments, imagery, or references will be removed and the offender punished.
    6. Do not incite or recall drama
    7. Do not advertise for other clans or communities outside of PRTA
    8. The advertisement/encouragement of any illegal items/activities (e.g. pirated content, DDOSing, doxxing, cheats/hacks etc.) is strictly prohibited.
    9. Do not excessively use @here and @everyone as well as spam-tagging other users. Doing so will result in a mute and subsequent ban from the server
  2. Channel-specific Rules
    1. Spamming in any of the channels is prohibited and doing so may result in a mute or ban from the Discord.
    2. Comments, discussions, images,videos and links may only be posted in the appropriate channels otherwise they must go to #chat by default.
    3. Discussions must be substantive, on-topic, and civil otherwise they will be stopped.
  3. Voice Channel Rules
    1. Rules found in General Discord Rules will come into effect in all voice channels where applicable
    2. Spamming your microphone in any voice channel is prohibited.
    3. Broadcasting overly-loud and/or distorted audio (e.g. earrape) in public channels is prohibited
    4. Channel-hopping to irritate other users is prohibited
    5. Moderators reserve the right to mute or remove users from voice channels if they are believed to be breaking the rules
  4. Moderator Enforcement
    1. The moderation team and managers will act in accordance to these rules. If you are found to be breaking rules you will be muted or banned.
    2. If you believe you have been unfairly warned or muted, you are welcome to contact a Senior Moderator or the Lead Moderator. Alternatively you may make a ban appeal on the forum
    3. Alternate accounts are prohibited. Any attempt to circumvent a ban or other moderation action will lead to a permanent ban of any other account(s).

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