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PRBF2 Training Servers

PRTA Training Servers

Server details

The server runs the map vote and selection system that is in standard PR:BF2 servers. Debug is enabled but excessive use can cause the server to become unstable and crash. We wish the server to be used as a greater community resource, so please respect the other players that perhaps are on the server too. Feel free to post in our shout box that you are using it if you wish for others to join in.

Server Password : boots

Remember practise makes perfect, Asking for help is never bad. And we'll see you on the battlefield.


Test Bootcamp

A map made by the PR Team for in-house testing but now available to the public. Excellent for small skirmish testing(in the combat simulation village), weapons training(on the fire range up to 800m) and land vehicle training(on the land range). It features a dense forest, a small town, a up to 800m shooting range and some other handy features which make it an excellent map for training,testing and community modding.


More info and screens can be found on the official page.

Test Airfield

A map made by the PR Team for in-house helicopter and jet testing but now available to the public. Excellent for beginner and experienced pilots to learn all the different jets and helicopters and their mechanics,features and weapon systems.It features all the air vehicles in Project Reality. Also a carrier is available for training that. Also target vehicles available and laze markers.


More info and screens can be found on the official page.

RCON Commands

First Steps

Now that you're in debug mode you can use the spawner commands. Its important that you DO NOT spawn anything that isn't in the map you are currently playing as it will crash the game.

Example spawning a PLA tank on kashan will crash the game.

The spawner command is:

rcon spawner thing_you_are_spawning

To find the names of all the vehicles and kits locate the following directory:

Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\content

The objects_kits_server.zip will have all the names of the kits for all the different factions.

The objects_vehicles_server.zip will have all the vehicles names for all the different factions.

The objects_common_server.zip has names for deployables, such as FOBs, TOWs ect...

For reference here are the team names so you can identify which kits and vehicles belong to which armies and maps:

CF: Canadian Forces
CHinsurgent: Militia
FR: French Forces
fsa: Syrian Rebels
GB: British Armed Forces
HAMAS: Hamas
IDF: Israeli Defence Force
GER: German Forces
MEinsurgent: Insurgents
RU: Russian Armed Forces
Taliban: Taliban
USA: United States Army
vnnva: North Vietnamese Army
vnusmc: United States Marine Corps
vnusa: United States Army
NL: Dutch Armed Forces

For example if I wanted to spawn a US logistics truck on kashan desert the command would be:

rcon spawner us_trk_logistics

RCON kits and FOBs commands

If I wanted to spawn the MEC marksman kit the command would be:

rcon spawner mec_marksman

If you want to alternate version of the kit put _alt on the end of the code like this:

rcon spawner mec_marksman_alt

You can spawn any vehicle or kit on any team as long as it is on the map you are playing on.

To spawn a deployable firebase the command would be:

rcon spawner deployable_firebase

If you want to spawn a pre built deployable just put _sp on the end of the name. You can only spawn deployables for the teams on the map.

RCON PRBOTs and media commands

Useful for testing and taking screenshots is the flying prbot. The command for that it:

rcon prbot
To remove the minimap and hud when in the prbot press the switch weapon key (default F).

There is another prbot with different controls, more suitable for smooth video recording. The command for that it:

rcon prbot2

Also useful for taking screenshots and filming is the camera kit. Its command is:

rcon camera
The kit will probably be invisible so just walk a few meters in front of you and press G. The kit has a UN helmet, so it can be useful in community events.

RCON player control commands

For instant respawn type in:

rcon ready playername

Replace 'playername' with the name of the person you want to instantly respawn.

To allow all kits used in vehicles plus no need for driver in tanks etc type in:

rcon oneman

To disable Vehicle warm up times type in:


To disable Team Kit restrictions so you can use enemy kits, type in:

rcon onefaction

To spawn every kit for the faction you are currently playing as type:

rcon kits

It will spawn all the kits and variants for the faction in a long line.

To find out your current health value type:

rcon health
Fully healed is 100.0, dead is 0

RCON map control commands

To run a map in the your map rotation type:

rcon map nn

Replace nn with the map number. To find out the map number type the follow into the console (by pressing ~):


To teleport to location X amount of meters away in the direction you're facing type (this one only works in the console ~):

rcon teleport X

If you teleport to a location that is lower in height than you're current you will fall and die, so be careful.

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