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The Project Reality Teamwork Alliance is a large, friendly community with a focus on teamwork oriented games. PRTA consists of multiple units from all over the world who collaborate to provide the services and back end support needed to host the game servers, a website, and other services we run to support the community. In addition we produce and organize events and to that end we have a dedicated team of mappers, event organizers, media personnel and server administrators who work together to make PRTA the most active Project Reality community.

We now want to bring our experience of running game servers and events for a vibrant community to Squad. As a member of the community you get access to our events, such as: one-life, inter-unit battles, competitive tournaments, and campaigns. In addition, you can apply to join a community unit or have your clan join our community as a unit — where you will be provided with your own unit's TeamSpeak channel, private internal forums in our Website and much more! Furthermore, if you are interested in participating in the production or development of our events you can sign up to any of the teams.

Click here to join our squad server!

There are several ways to get involved in the community:

  • Join an existing unit and one of the leaders of the unit will contact you about it.
  • Join as a new unit and our Community Department will get in contact with you about it.
  • Become an admin and someone from our squad admin team will contact you about it, or find Vestby in-game or on Discord.

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