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Contact! Rules

ALL Officers are to enforce these rules in their own platoons. By signing up for this Tournament, you are accepting and agreeing to abide by the following rules. Any complaints should be filed in the reports and feedback forum.


The following rules and regulations lay out the manner in which the Contact Tournament is run. The rules themselves should not be considered absolute on what is allowed and what is not, but a guide as to the purpose and direction of the Tournament as a whole. While the rules are there as a guideline, players should not seek to bend them or go against the nature of the tournament ethos. If you see or hear of anyone attempting to game or undermind the system please inform your superiors or the admin team. .

Section 1 - General Comments

    1. Responsibility
      1. While players are individually responsible for their own actions, the platoon leader is there to reinforce the rules and act if necessary.
      2. The admin team is responsible for any individual(s) who break tournament-wide rules.
    2. Acceptance of Regulations
      1. By signing up for the Tournament, players agree to abide by the regulations herein.
    3. Alterations to Regulations
      1. The administration reserves the right to change/alter the regulations as they see fit.
    4. Appeals
      1. The administrations decisions are final. Any complaints must be made in a mature manner and via the forums complaint function . Public arguments, flame fests, trolling and anything which undermines the integrity of the tournament, may see appropriate penalties imposed.

Section 2 - Ethos

    1. Ethos
      1. The aim of the tournament is to provide an environment for players to engage in organized, competitive and teamplay-oriented matches that are conducted in a spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play. All players should adhere to the ethos.
      2. Commanders and platoon leaders must ensure that their team does not violate the above principles. They should seek the advice of the administration if they are unsure.
      3. Discussions between individual platoons, team commanders and the admins are to be kept confidential to avoid any conflicts of interest.
      4. The administration reserves the right to take action against any players deemed to be in violation of the tournament ethos.
    2. Punishment
      1. Any behaviour that violates the principles of sportsmanship and fair play may be dealt with by the administration team.

Section 3 - Sign-ups & Clan/Community Restrictions

    1. Team Restrictions
      1. A platoon can sign up with a maxmimum of 16 players, the remaining contingent of the platoon will be decided by the administrators.
      2. A infantry or asset squad can sign up with a maxmimum of 8 players, the remaining contingent of the squad will be decided by the administrators.
      3. After signups have closed the tournament administration will form as many platoons as is practical from people who signed up alone or in small groups.
    2. Acceptance of Applications
      1. The administration and platoon leaders reserve the right to reject any applicants at their discretion.
      2. Any user who has been removed from the Tournament due to inactivity can request to be re-added to his/her original platoon by reapplying in discord. The application will then be considered by the Administration along with the Platoon Leader.
      3. Any user who is banned on the PRTA Forum may not take part in the tournament.
      4. If someone has recently been banned from the PRTA forum, they may not enter the tournament in an officer position. Their role is limited to a grunt position.
      5. Any platoon or squad name and logo must be approved by the Administration.
    3. Clan/Community Memberships
      1. Players signing up to the Tournament may not include their clan tags in their username.
      2. Every player signing up for the Tournament is obliged to mention their Clan or Community Memberships, as requested on the sign-up form. Any user that fails to declare Clan or Community Memberships will be deemed invalid and ignored.
      3. Any player that attempts to conceal their Clan or Community membership may be removed from the Tournament. The Administration reserves the right to increase the restrictions for that Clan or Community following any violations.
    4. Player Preferences
      1. A player can name the team he/she prefers to join. Although this does not guarantee assignment to that platoon, the Administration will do their best to accommodate preferences.
      2. Any sign-up of a player that has previously resigned from one platoon and is attempting to join the another platoon will be deemed invalid and ignored.
      3. If a sign-up is made with a different forum account and the player does not declare this, it will be deemed invalid and ignored and the player may face sanction.
    5. Activity Requierments
      1. It is the responsibility of the platoon leaders to ensure the following is enforced:
        1. Every player is required to be on TeamSpeak while participating in Tournament events.
        2. Every player is required to be on the discord and check it once a week.
        3. All players must complete the signup procedures.
      2. The Administration reserves the right to remove players whose activity falls below the expected level.
    6. Leave of Absence (LOA) Guidelines
      1. Each platoon should have an LOA Channel in their Discord where written LOAs must be posted.
      2. Platoon Leaders may post an LOA for one of their Grunts if he/she is unable to do so.
      3. The maximum duration for an LOA is 1 month. Any further length must be discussed with the Administration and will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.
      4. It is the responsibility of the platoon leaders to monitor and regulate their platoons LOAs.

Section 4 - Communications

    1. In-Game Chat
      1. The use of All-Chat is not allowed for any reason except by Battleday Commanders and Admins for running the match. Anyone who breaks this rule will be punished. Don't complain - unbind the key before the match!
      2. The team-chat is only to be used for information that is important to the whole team. It is up to the officers to make sure that everyone only uses it when necessary or to set up rules that specify the use of team chat during a match.
    2. Microphone
      1. All players are required to have and use a microphone.
    3. TeamSpeak
      1. All participating players are required to be on the appropriate Tournament channels in the PRTA TeamSpeak during a battle. Failure to do so will prevent participation in the battle.
      2. All players must use the same nickname on TeamSpeak that they use in-game.
    4. Mumble
      1. In-game Mumble remains the primary means of communication during a battle. However, TeamSpeak remains mandatory as the primary means of communication between participants the Administration.
    5. External Communications
      1. The primary tool for Team management and battle planning will be the Discord. Other tools such as the PRTA Forums or TeamSpeak can also be used to coordinate issues.

Section 5 - Conduct

    1. Cheating
      1. Anyone cheating will be banned from the tournament, teamspeak, and forums and their information will be passed to all Project Reality server administrators for a general ban. You will no longer be able to play Project Reality if you use cheats.
      2. Exploiting either known or unpublished/unknown bugs will not be tolerated in the tournament. If there are questions about what is and what isn’t considered a bug/exploit, the Team Commanders should ask a Tournament Admin and refrain from using them until a decision is made.
      3. Failure to report other players that you know are breaching rules is also considered a violation of Tournament rules.
    2. Language and Profanity
      1. The Tournament Discord Rules and Forum Rules must be followed at all times.
      2. The Administration reserves the right to take action against any players deemed to have broken the Discord Rules and Forum Rules.
    3. Kits
      1. Kit restrictions are meant to be upheld, kits will be limited to the team not the squads. You may not use more than one of the spawn kits per squad at a time (exception being medics and rifleman) . You may pick up another kit and use it, however you may not spawn in with the intention to pull multiple spawn menu kits.
    4. Forfeits
      1. Teams that are unable to present the required number of players and refuse to play will lose the battle. The minimum is 40.

Section 6 - Prohibited Actions

    1. The Administration delegates authority to Platoon leaders and Battle-day Commanders to enforce discipline within their own team. Platoon leaders may take action against members of their platoon as they see fit. Any serious breaches must be reported to the Administration.
    2. Teamkilling
      1. Intentional team-killing will not be tolerated. This includes before, during and after the battle.
      2. Players who team-kill risk being kicked from the server. Team Commanders are given the right to request the removal of players from the server for team-killing.
    3. Suicide Tactics and Deliberate Asset Destruction
      1. Do not ram any vehicle where your vehicle would be destroyed to.
      2. Do not order your team to click the suicide button, or teamkill them to spawn somewhere else.
      3. The deliberate destruction of the team's own assets is forbidden unless ordered by an Officer and/or approved by the Commander.
      4. If any of the above rules are broken, both the team and the specific individual(s) may be penalized.
    4. Live streaming and recording
      1. Live streaming is forbidden under any and all circumstances.
      2. Recordings of entire matches may be posted immediatly after the battle has concluded.
    5. Flag rushing
      1. Do not rush unless one of the rushing exceptions is in place.
      2. Rushing is defined as any of the following happening before 10 minutes have passed:
        1. Attacking anyone inside the radius of the enemy's first cappable flag.
        2. Entering the radius of the enemy's first cappable flag.
        3. Stopping the enemy from entering the radius of the enemy's first cappable flag.
        4. Intercepting the enemy between any of their spawn points and their first cappable flag.
      3. Rushing exceptions are defined as follows:
        1. The flag can be capped (i.e. it has an attack marker on it).
        2. There are only 2 neutral flags in the beginning on this map, layer and layout.
        3. Your team has paradrop spawns in the beginning on this map, layer and layout
    6. Base Protection
      1. Dome of Death is defined by either the lines drawn on the map surrounding the mainbase or the areas where a warning message is automatically given to a team upon entering it.
      2. Do not attack or fire into the Dome of Death.
      3. Stay out of the opposing team's Dome of Death unless you are engaged in a jet on jet dogfight.
      4. Do not initiate a dogfight if the opposing jet is inside his own Dome of Death.
      5. UAVs are not to be used at any point during the battle.
      6. If the last flag is in play, the nearest mainbase will no longer be protected by DOD rules. Then both teams can shoot into and out of that particular main. In play means that it has been made white by the enemy in double-cap situations, or is cappable by the enemy team.

Section 7 - Battle Cycle

    1. Procedures
      1. Each battle-cycle begins on Monday and runs for two weeks. The first weekend is reserved for a team training activity and the second Saturday at 19:00 UTC is the battle day.
      2. After each battle, the teams will debrief immediatly afterwards. During Sunday, the team access to the discord channels will be revoked and new team channels will be made. Announcement for the new teams will also be made.
      3. Each team can pick a commander, if only 1 commander steps up, they are automatically chosen. If there are several candidates, a vote will take place. Nomination will happen from Sunday to Monday.
      4. If a team is unable to pick a commander by Monday in the first week, they will automatically forfeit the battle and the teams will be scrambled again.
      5. Map selections will be managed in discord in a timely manner before the first battle.

Section 8 - Pre-Battle

    1. Pre-Battle Procedure
      1. The server information will be released 1 hour prior to the battle start time for testing purposes. Players should start joining the server immedlatly to see if there are any last minute fixes required before the battle starts.
      2. At the battle start time, the map will be reloaded and the battle will be live. This will be announced by the Administration.
    2. Joining the Server
      1. Permission must be given by an officer on teamspeak prior to joining the server.
      2. Players are required to use their platoon prefix whenever joining a tournament server.
      3. If a player joins the server without following the above rules they will receive a warning followed by a kick if they have not left the server.
    3. Conduct
      1. Players are only allowed to spawn after receiving permission from the Commander .
      2. Players are not allowed to leave their main base until the official start of the battle.
    4. Start of the Battle
      1. The round is live when the both commanders are informed by the administrator it is.
    5. Team Numbers
      1. Teams are expected to field a minimum of 40 players and maximum of 50 players.
        1. If the minimum number cannot be upheld, the Team’s CO will be given the option to forfeit or to play with what they have.
        2. Forfeiting may only happen before a battle has commenced.
        3. If the maximum number is exceeded, the team CO's will be informed to reduce it within the next 5 minutes. If that time has passed and the number is still exceeded, the team will have players kicked until the numbers are corrected. Please be patient and allow time for the admins and commanders to sort this out.
      2. Teams are allowed to replace players mid-battle.

Section 9 - During the Battle

    1. Rounds
      1. The server will run 1 live round of the map that had been previously decided and announced by the administration.
    2. Battle Restarts
      1. If a battle crashes less than an hour in it is replayed within the same day.
        1. If a team cannot produce the required numbers as mentioned in section 8.V.1 they have the option to forfeit or play with that they have.
      2. If a battle crashes more than an hour in, then:
        1. If one team has at least a 150 ticket lead they are awarded the win. They will receive the amount of points for the flags controlled, in addition to the points for tickets remaining.
        2. If no team has a substantial lead, the battle will be rescheduled.
        3. If the battle server is attacked we will talk with the team commanders and execute our pre planned contingency procedure.
    3. Squads
      1. All soldiers are to be in a squad at all times.
      2. Players may move freely between squads at the discretion of the Team Command.
    4. Tags
      1. During battle all players must have their correct tags and nicknames for Teamspeak and in-game.
      2. Players with incorrect tags will be warned and kicked if not compliant.
    5. Building Assets
      1. Mortars cannot be built in a location where the fired shells will pass through buildings, textures (except forests) or any other static objects on the map.
      2. Mortars may not be destroyed and be rebuilt in order to bypass rearming them.
      3. Do not drop supply crates inside the DOD to build mortars, fobs or emplacments inside or within walking distance of the mainbase DOD.
      4. FOBs may be built indoors as long as they do not completely impede access to the building or room in which they are placed.
        1. No part of a FOB (except the dirt skirt) can be 'glitched' inside a part of a non-enterable building or static.
        2. The FOB must not spawn players into a non-enterable building and must be visible.
        3. Razor-wire and sandbags may be used to block access points.
    6. Admin Support
      1. Admins will be available on TeamSpeak for any serious issues that may need immediate action.
      2. Admins are only to be contacted by the In-Game Commander.
      3. Requests to kick a player from the server will have to be well-based. The player in question will have to be warned first, to give him the possibility to change their attitude or action. If the player has not complied he will then be temp banned.

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