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  1. Contact!

    These ribbons, medals and badges are made for the Contact! Tournament.

    1. Contact! Season 1 BGB Participation Medal

      Awarded to those who participated in at least one battle for Battle Group Bravo during Contact! Season 1.

    2. Contact! Season 1 RIF Participation Medal

      Awarded to those who participated in at least one battle for Rapid Intervention Force during Contact! Season 1.

    3. Contact! Season 2 GSI Participation Medal

      Awarded to those who participated in at least one battle for Global Security Initiative during Contact! Season 2.

    4. Contact! Season 2 PRF Participation Medal

      Awarded to those who participated in at least one battle for People's Revolutionary Front during Contact! Season 2.

  2. Game Moments

    Has anything special ever happened to you or someone you know? Nominate them! (any medal must be earned on the PRTA server)

    1. One-Man Ticket Bleed

      You just kept dying, often in the same way as you did before. Well done...

    2. The Pacifist

      Play an entire round as a civilian, from beginning to end.

    3. Lemming

      You simply can't seem to avoid suicide can you.

    4. Machete

      You were able to knife/bash quite a few people

    5. Martyr

      Kill lots of people in 1 suicide attack.

    6. Rambo

      Play as infantry and get over 40 kills!

    7. 'The game killed me'

      Oh, so that tree killed you when you drove into it? The terrain made you fly? Sure... We are trying to have a organized game and you just ruined it! Stop blaming this bugfree game!

  3. Special Abilities

    Do you know someone who is really good at something? Nominate them!

    1. AT Sniper

      Did you just TOW that tank out of view distance? LAT that Cobra out of the sky? You have some skills with those AT weapons my friend!

    2. The Churchill

      The most important person on the team. You lead them all to victory - even the weakest and lonewolfs. Master of the UAV, markers, and using proper comms. There aren't many like you.

    3. Badass Medic

      Awarded cause you were simply a bad-ass medic.

    4. The Triggerman

      You keep calling and they keep dying. You are a genius with a phone, some duct-tape, and C4.

    5. Lonely Seeder

      PRTA does not simply seed itself, we have you to thank for making our server populated. 1 hour? 2? 3? You do whatever it takes to get the server up keep it up!

    6. Hackor Catcher

      Addicted to Battlerecorder and Demo Analyzer. Terror of cheaters and griefers?

    7. Crate Pooper

      You fly that trans chopper like a boss! Or you're one of those awkward people who love driving a truck. You are one of the most important people on the battlefield, you are the one that makes sure our deployments can be built and our troops can be re-armed or be brought to the right LZ. You have an eye for danger and keep those assets alive!

    8. L33T R3CON

      Often the laughing stock of the community, but a good RECON team can provide the team with the necessary intel to win the battle! A good sniper and spotter can decide the outcome of any battle.

    9. Lead the way

      The team can always count on you to lead that infantry squad. To teach that new guy how to select a kit. To argue who should take the medic. You make PR what is is! Keep it up.

    10. MECH INF Leader

      You were born for this! You as Squadleader of a MECH INF squad and nothing will stop you.

    11. Boom Boom

      Put you in a tank and the enemy is gonna have a bad time.

    12. Armored Warrior

      You in a APC or IFV with a proper 2nd guy and you guys are feared by any enemy.

    13. CAS Whore

      Yup, you are a CAS whore, you heard it right. But hey, it's a compliment really! You're just freaking awesome in jets and CAS-helicopters! We need people like you.

  4. Special PRTA Awards

    These medals are unlike any others and they are only awarded by PRTA Management. If you know someone who deserves any of the medals, nominate them!

    1. Donor

      PRTA does not run simply by itself. Servers and software licenses cost real money. You have made the least one could help and chipped in some! Thank you!

    2. Wicca 1 Life Event

      Having killed Wicca more than once, and surviving the hour, you have earned yourself this award! Well done!

    3. IRL Event

      Did you show up to a PRTA IRL event?! Well here you go, don't eat it you crazy person!

    4. Honorary Member

      Honorary Member medal is issued to people who extraordinarily contributed to PRTA. This medal can only be issued by PRTA Management and those who acquired this medal are well recognized within PRTA community.

    5. Fellow

      For having served above and beyond what seems to be a hobby, you have made PRTA a full time commitment. Thank you so much, you join the respected Fellows of PRTA. We hope you will remain a part of our endeavour for quite some time, since your impact is profound, we appreciate you. Thank you.

    6. [R-STUFF]

      You made it into the PR Team? Nice! Thanks for helping to make this mod better. And get ready to be blamed for well... everything!

    7. The Editor

      A community modder are you? You surely know what to do with the ancient BF2Editor software. Thank you for making PR community a better place.

    8. Ready for Retirement

      You have been here since, well... forever. You still remember your own nickname old man?

    9. Wicca Braininvader

      You are one of the few people invading Wicca's brain and capable of talking sense into him. You are on a higher level!

  5. Other Games

    Do you know someone who plays any other game so much that they deserve a medal? Nominate them!

    1. Minecraft?

      Oh god, you are one of those. The awesome minecraft minority group!!!

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