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In today's highlight we would like to introduce some of the bigger additions and changes coming with the upcoming release v1.6.2.0 for Project Reality: Battlefield 2. This comes with one new map, two new deployable assets, quality of life improvements for Backup Ironsight, the ability to check how much ammo is left in a crate as well as the usual bugfixes. Enjoy the upcoming update! We plan to release it in the upcoming days, but unforeseen issues could push it further.


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Hello Squaddies!

Your Producer Arnaud here, along with designer Tom ‘Fuzzhead’ Fancsy. It’s been a while since the last producer letter and with Beta 19 recently out, it is the perfect time to huddle up for a sitrep about all the developments happening with Squad under the hood, as well a taste for our future plans.

First - we want to thank you for your reception to our Black Lives Matter post. The positive messages we received from players exemplified the type of welcoming, inclusive and supportive community we want to continue to expand within the game.

The current State of Squad


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Hello Squaddies,

Today we have begun rolling out a server-side update to address the increased desync/rubber-banding issues with helicopters that you may have experienced since the introduction of Beta 19.

Since we were made aware of these issues we’ve been working with Epic and their Unreal team to get a fix from the UE 4.24 version and pull it into our 4.23 environment to help combat these issues. Thanks a bunch!

As this is a server-side update, you also won’t be required to download any additional files as the fix is applied on the server you connect to. You will still see your client version as B19.5.0 but the servers will be running B19.5.1. ...

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by PRTA Bot at 23:03 (338 Views / 0 Likes)
Happy Thursday Squaddies,

It’s nearly the weekend, and to help matters we’ve got another round of hotfixes coming your way just before it starts.

Without further ado, let’s get to the changes:

  • Fixed an issue with dragging an Incap player's body that has expired which would cause the players movement to be impaired.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a downed player who would then respawn caused a broken pose issue.
  • Fixed connection cleaning issues in Remote Console
  • Fixed missing impact VFX for HEAT projectile weapons that impact against leaf physmats....

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by PRTA Bot at 01:03 (300 Views / 0 Likes)
Hello everyone,

I popped into the Discord server last week to give you a brief little introduction and explain how I would be covering in the meantime as Community Manager while Gatzby took some personal time. We’re sad to announce that Gatzby has left OWI. Although I personally only knew him for a couple of months, I can see the positive impact he has had with the Squad players and this community over the years that he was a part of the team at OWI. He will be greatly missed.

I have some pretty big shoes to fill, so please bear with me as I learn these particular ropes. I can tell the Squad community is very passionate, and I’m excited to now be part of it! I intend to be here for everyone in the same capacity that Gatzby was. I could tell from our interactions that he always had the players first in his mind and this is not only a mentality I subscribe to, but it’s also an important aspect of our company culture as well. ......
by PRTA Bot at 22:43 (1,503 Views / 5 Likes)
Our team has refrained from posting content since last week, out of respect to the events unfolding in our world right now. We have strongly felt that it was (and remains) inappropriate to self-promote during such a time of crisis.

We recognize the complexities of brands stepping forward and inserting themselves into important conversations, and while we weighed this heavily - we also feel that staying silent on this topic could inadvertently suggest complicity. So it’s time for us to make it very clear:

Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting against injustice and police brutality. We stand in solidarity with the Black community. As many important figures have stated, we recognize that it is not enough to simply be against racism - we must be actively anti-racist. ...

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by PRTA Bot at 21:23 (296 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey Squaddies,

We hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to dust off those boots once more as we deploy some more fixes for you.

In today’s update you can expect:

  • More performance fixes for AMD users.
  • A final fix for whitelisted mod servers to correctly appear in the server browser.
  • Added a fix for the EAC index.

We hope this will help alleviate issues you may have been experiencing, and as always sound off if you continue to experience technical issues by contacting our support here.

Offworld Out.

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by PRTA Bot at 10:20 (3,832 Views / 7 Likes)

One-Life Event - Op. Restless


PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Op. Restless | 19:00 PRT, 7th June 2020


Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Bamyan
Time/Date: 19:00 PRT, 7th JUNE 2020

The situation

12 years after the events of "Alamo", the Bamyan province is threatened yet again, this time by a conventional army.

A mobilized platoon, 2nd Scouts MEC-P, is...
by PRTA Bot at 00:13 (337 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey squaddies,

Hotfix is here. From here on out we’ll be utilizing a new naming convention for builds to make them a little clearer, with this full build number being B19. and the last build renamed to B19.4.0.37.

As part of this hotfix we’ve made these changes:

  • The first pass of fixes for AMD users, these are still work in progress as we continue working on further fixes.
  • Optimizations to the Artillery and Mortar impacts
  • VFX optimizations to the heli rotor wash
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by the healing/bleeding icons
  • Fixed Whitelisted modded servers not appearing in the server browser ...

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