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About Us


The Project Reality Teamwork Alliance

The Project Reality Teamwork Alliance is a large, friendly community with a focus on teamwork oriented games. We were founded on 5th October 2010 and our primary game is Project Reality. We have grown from a small group of around 15 people into a community which has had thousands of members pass through its hallways, 6874 people has registered on our forum so far. At the time of writing we have over 300 members, part of them unit leaders and over 140 people in various staff roles.

PRTA consists of multiple units from all over the world and is led by a management team which provide the services and back end support needed to host the servers and website. We have a mapper team, event team, media team, admin team and others which work together to make PRTA the most active Project Reality community.

Our TeamSpeak server and Forum have brought people together from all over the globe. We are a very friendly community where all players, old and new, are welcome. As a result, PRTA has always been massively diverse. The community is composed of a wide range of units: from milsim clans to loose groups of friends, to individuals who want to benefit from being a part of the larger group. Over the years we have had language- or country-specific units. Our contributors and management staff are volunteers from throughout this community and we have always strove for equal representation from among our units.

Mission statement

We are here to:

  • Improve the general teamwork capabilities of all players on our servers. We believe that communication and coordination is what makes gaming enjoyable, and this is what we strive for.
  • Create a environment were players can experience exciting and enjoyable game play in a friendly, supportive community.
  • Encourage members to play different games together and provide support for the games we choose to play.

The structure of the community

The community as a whole is:

  • Geographically dispersed across widely varying timezones.
  • Contains multiple sub-cultures and 'communities within communities'.
  • Dynamic and fast-moving - we are always striving to improve and so there are always changes being made.
  • Friendly and recreational. We are here to have fun doing a hobby we love doing. We are not a serious 'milsim' community.

The community has 5 main groups or roles in the community, Members, Unit Leaders, Red-Tags , Blue-tags and Management. These are contained within Units, several Admin Teams, some specialised teams providing supporting services, and some shared areas for higher-level issues.


PRTA is an alliance of many autonomous units/clans. Membership of the community is (mostly) synonymous with membership of a unit. A unit is composed of leaders who have authority over how their unit works and members chosen by the unit itself. Each unit is responsible for their own recruiting, structure, and practices – they just need to follow the community rules.

Each unit gets many benefits from being a part of the community:

  • Access to sections of the forums reserved for members of PRTA
  • Their own private section of the forums
  • A roster showing an always up-to-date list of their members
  • Their own channels in TS3
  • Access to other communications platforms operated by the community
  • Preferential access to training servers and flagship game servers
  • Reserved slots at reduced rates for servers which support reserved slots

In return for these benefits the members of each unit are encouraged to participate in running the community by helping to administrate the game servers as part of an admin team, helping to manage our technical systems and operations and part of management, helping with a number of supporting tasks as part of other contributor groups, and making donations to help pay our hosting bills whenever possible.

The result of this is that smaller clans and groups of friends can retain their own identity whilst also running servers & events at a scale that they would not be able to attempt on their own. Units also benefit from having the power of a large 'all-inclusive' community to protect them and represent their interests to other groups.

Joining PRTA is not about giving up freedom or independence - it's about getting to the next level.

Start a new unit by following this link.

Unit Member

No community can be better than its members. We consider our members the core and essence of PRTA, and in a way, our most important asset. We strive to give members of PRTA room to expand their own ideas by providing technical support and a platform from which to jump start projects.

Member Benefits

  • Servers for use in training or events.
  • Join an in-house unit which suits them and meet like-minded people.
  • Reserved slots where the game supports it.
  • Participation in unique member-only events

Member Requirements

  • Be active on our Teamspeak server and on our forums.
  • Seed our servers as best you can.
  • Contribute and have fun!

Join a unit by following this link.

Unit Leader

Every Unit in PRTA has at least one Leader, tasked with managing their unit. Leaders are granted a few extra permissions in order to aid the unit management, such as the right to move users on the Unit channel on Teamspeak, and access to a leader specific part of our forum, where discussions related to Units are held. Leaders have in-game switch powers so they can make sure their Unit members play on the same team.

Leader Benefits

  • Reserved slots where the game supports it.
  • Can request servers for training and events.
  • In-game !switch powers.

Leader Requirements

  • Be active on Teamspeak and on our forums.
  • Manage and represent the unit.
  • Act in a mature and responsible way, appropriate for the role.

Become a unit leader by following this link.

Community Staff

Within PRTA we split up to specialise into departments covering specific areas — i.e. the community, technical issues, administrating game servers, &c. Each department always has a single manager, maybe has some blue-tag groups, and maybe has some red-tag groups. All blue-tag staff have access to a number of shared forums to allow for effective communication between departments. Red-tag groups usually need access only to their forums, always have a specific blue-tag person to take care of anything they need from other parts of the community, and (especially for larger red-tag groups) may have their own internal hierarchy to take care of recruitment and team management.

Join PRTA's staff by following this link to find a list of roles, or go directly to the application forms.


PRTA has several groups related with administration, commonly referred as "red-tag" groups, like both our PRBF2 admin teams, our Forum Moderation team, our media team, our coding team, and more! Here's a quick summary of some of them:

  • Server Administrators - Probably the biggest group, they take care of our game servers. Their responsibilities include maintaining the quality of the gameplay on our servers, making sure their rules are up-to-date, preventing cheaters/trolls from playing on our servers and ensuring the player-base is happy.
  • Forum Moderators - This team makes sure our forums are spam free, arguments are as fact-based as they can be and no nasty stuff is posted. They'll make you think twice before misbehaving around here.
  • Media Team - These guys make our banners, videos and pretty much everything we need media-wise.
  • Coders - Implement various pieces of in-house software, including the control system behind the servers which enables our game servers and forums to be integrated.
  • Testers - Test maps made by Mappers, gamemodes and servers that are about to be launched, and anything that needs to be tested before publishing it.


Our 'blue-tag' staff evolved from the original management group as PRTA grew up, specialising into a number of specific roles that now comprise all the blue-tag user groups. Their tasks include a diverse range of things including: taking care of the day-to-day issues that the community has, ensuring that the red-tag teams administrating the game servers and performing other tasks are properly integrated into the planning and operations of the community, and improving the technical aspects of PRTA's services.

Since being a blue-tag gives you considerable influence on what happens within the community they are required to act in a mature way. They put a lot of time and effort into the community, and often money too.

The goals of this group are naturally quite varied, but should always include:

  • To make PRTA grow, both in skill and numbers.
  • To ensure we treat people with patience, understanding, and fairness.
  • To have an approachable and friendly attitude.


The Management group is a relatively new role which was added as a response to some difficulties running the community once we had reached a critical size. Each manager is responsible for a department within the community - a specific area where a group of related skills are needed. Their role is to coordinate activities, and to plan & execute high-level strategies that move the community forward.

The goals of this group include:

  • To maintain suitable processes for keeping the community, and its systems, working smoothly & efficiently.
  • To develop and execute a coherent plan for making PRTA the best community it can be.
  • To ensure that people with the relevant skills are included in high-level decisions.

Welcome to PRTA and we hope you enjoy your time here. Please let us know how we can assist you

PRTA Management

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